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Print-in-Place Wheel Loader - No Support Needed - 3D Printable .STL File

Print-in-Place Wheel Loader - No Support Needed - 3D Printable .STL File

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This wheel loader prints completely without assembly or support! The front-end is articulated like a real wheel loader! The wheels are fully functional, the arms and bucket move, and lastly, the cab and back slide in place to center themselves making for a cool toy straight off the printer!

This entire models is meant to print in one single print and with ZERO support. It prints fully assembled and fully functional, no post processing needed!

This looks great on a desk and is a great way to show off what 3D printers are capable of.

NOTE: Print-in-place prints are difficult to print due to tight tolerances, bridging, and steep overhangs. Be sure your printer can handle this before printing. You will have trouble printing this if your printer is not finely tuned.

*NOT suitable for children, small pieces and choking hazards possible*

These files may not be shared for free or commercially in any form UNLESS you have a commercial license (available on Patreon).

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