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Modular Print-In-Place Tracked Tank Bundle

Modular Print-In-Place Tracked Tank Bundle

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Introducing my MODULAR tracked tank! This design allows for effortless attachment of other models like an excavator or bulldozer body that can be affixed to the tracks, offering a versatile and dynamic experience.

Personally crafted with precision and care, this model is the most complex print-in-place design I have ever made, making it a truly unique addition to the collection. The two-piece design features a single print hinged track assembly that requires no assembly, support, or post-processing, but I do recommend gluing it for extra strength.

The tank body (also printed in one piece, without support or assembly) is easily replaced with other models (more to come in the future). The turret rotates 360 degrees and the barrel raises and lowers.

Please note that this product is for personal use only and cannot be used commercially, either printed or digitally.

This download includes four different STLs including the following:

1. The entire track assembly
2. The entire tank assembly
3. The track hardware (without the track)
4. Track only (for replacements)

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